Los Angeles Exhibition

The Carnivora exhibition's next stop was Los Angeles, California, where the show ran for six weeks,from May 3rd till June 16, 2008.

In addition to the 62 artists exhibited at Detroit's POP Gallery, Carnivora book artists Eduard Anikonov, Steve Cerio, Chris Conte, Cam deLeon, Mike Diana, Brian Horton, Travis Louie, Eric Joyner, Craig LaRotonda, Shag, Greg "Stainboy" Reinel, Jeral Tidwell, Keith Weesner, and Robert Williams joined the California exhibit, plus new original works were produced for the show by Guy Aitchison, William B. Hand, David Trulli, Brian Viveros and Kenneth Williams.

Photo: Alexander Yegorov, Carnivora artist Eduard Anikonov and curator Les Barany

Photo: Artist Eduard Anikonov, Alexander Yegorov, Anna Garankova

Photo: Valery Garankov, Scapegoat publisher Chris Xavier, Alexander Yegorov and Carnivora artist Eduard Anikonov. A big thanks to the Russian Trio for making the trip, just to be at the Carnivora opening in LA. With big apologies.

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