MMK's anniversary on canvasses of Magnitogorsk artists.

An anticipated art show of Magnitogorsk artists recently opened in the foyer of Magnitogorsk City Hall. The event was part of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works.

A long list of Magnitogorsk artists painting its history was represented at the exhibition. Many works belong to different museums, local and national, some have gone abroad and some belong to private collections. The works displayed at the exhibition make only a small part of the total treasure that could easily take up a few huge gallery rooms.

"We have concentrated on portraits only" says Marina Abramova, the chief keeper of the Picture gallery. "We made up our minds to show the images of the people who glorified Magnitogorsk and its Steel Mill, from plain workers to its directors through the years. We also did our best to bring in some recent works that most visitors have not seen yet." One of the highlights of the art show is Eduard Anikonov whose works are well known both in and outside Russia and who is experimenting with depicting new aspects of steel making. The most interesting sets are Gears and Industrial Landscapes that, in bold and bright manner, render the might, rhythm and swing of the movement of the steel Giant. These canvasses make both the outer frame and background for the portrait gallery of the mill's legendary laborers, it's past and present pride and glory.

The new approach has been recently tested at two international art shows in San Diego and Los Angeles, USA, and turned out to be a success with the international art lovers who came to see the show and meet the authors of hundreds of works offered for display and sale.