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Volume 25 of contemporary art magazine ARTisSpectrum

In May 2011, Agora Gallery (Chelsea, NYC) published its 25th issue of modern art magazine - ArtisSpectrum. ArtisSpectrum magazine is one of the most popular and interesting art publications. Agora Gallery provides an opportunity for artists, collectors, museums, galleries, art organizations, and enthusiasts to have access to the best works of talented artists around the world, both new and previously established; as well as feature articles, reviews and interviews on art.

The new issue contains biographies of the best contemporary artists from around the world, thus enabling professionals, art lovers and collectors to keep track of developing talent. A profile on the Russian contemporary artist Eduard Anikonov is presented in this issue. Anikonov's industrial theme is significantly different from the industrial art by American artists, which has been a great interest for the art critics.

A full collection of industrial themed artworks and giclees of his new series called "Rainbow Thirst" are presented on the Art Mine website which is sponsored by Agora Gallery.

Clipping from a magazine ARTisSpectrum