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Eduard Anikonov: Urban Exploration

March 22-25, 2012

Art Expo NYC, Pier 92

Booth No.177

Organized by Anya Garankova, Curator and Project Manager

Featuring six industrial-themed paintings by a Russian artist Eduard Anikonov, these artworks are filled with restrained, dramatic and authentic life. Under the weighted and pliable expressions, we find the author - with his vocations and notions.

Blast furnaces of vast sizes; linear hulls of buildings and factories that move toward the horizon the masterpieces of constructivism; giant pipes, like vessels made of steel, encircling the factory. These aspects impress and attract the modern artist, not only by its architectural delights and unique engineering designs, but also by its incredibly fantastic scale, giant and rough forms, and powerful energies of creation.

For Anikonov, a form is a possibility of verbalization of sensory experience, often exceeding its practice of the perception of the objective world, with wealth. Anikonov's style is coarse, strong, and articulate, and could not be better expressed with the weight and grandeur of a mechanic industry - commotion of a modern hyper-industrialization of consciousness.

We can physically feel the vitality of the mechanisms in Eduard's artworks - the clank of rusty metal, molten burning air - every inch of the canvas is in motion. Displacement of scenic surfaces abstracts the composition, which at first seemed to be figurative.

As the artist himself says: "All my works are self expressions using the means of art. Art does not 'invite' anyone. A serious artist is distinguished and determined by the fact that he does not follow anyone and follows no one's focus. One must look for those complex metaphors, with the help of which one can reveal thyself and excite and arouse the viewer - and this is the most important task of the artist".

Born in 1966 in Magnitogorsk, a Russian steel-making town. Anikonov is a graduate of one of the most prestigious art academies - Repin Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg. His work has been exhibited in Russia, Europe and the United States. He also participated in an impressive number of Art Expo shows in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and this is his second exhibition in New York City.

The exhibition is at the Art Expo Show, Booth No.177, Pier 92, 711 12th Avenue, in New York. For further information please contact Anya Garankova at 1.617.974.0808 or visit our website www.anikonov.com.