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Press Release

Russian artist Eduard Anikonov offers stunning expressionistic images that explore the inextricable connections between our natural state of being and the reality of our industrialized modern world. Each image takes a close look at the manifestation of the spiritual in the plastic of material, using elements of form and color to create the external and internal balance that is a hallmark of his work. Anikonov seeks to rediscover the meanings and mythologies that currently exist within industrial space. Here, we are invited to consider the new realities and perceptions that are constantly forming around our familiar industrial landscapes, invoking new levels of emotional experience for us all. As Anikonov explains, “For me, painting is a possibility of verbalization of personal emotional feelings and personal sensual ‘history’ above the canvas, which transforms into the experimental surface, where lines, rasters (dot patterns), strokes, and burrs can’t occur mechanically but are distinctive projections of my desires, thoughts, and feelings.”

Eduard Anikonov divides his time between the Ukraine, Russia and Italy.

Artist Statement

My artistic creed is ‘beauty and harmony’, and my favorite subject is the manifestation of the spiritual in the material. Shape and color are important to me, as is external and internal balance and the idea that every image has multiple meanings. For me, shape encapsulates personal emotions and a sense of sensual history, which transforms onto the canvas into distinctive projects of my desires, thoughts and feelings through lines, patterns and brushstrokes. I view industrial space as a sacred territory, which is full of depth and a past, impregnated with mythology. Time expresses and comprehends itself through art, and by appealing to industrial reality an artist gives a reference point for a new myth, a new reality and a new perception of the habitual environment. This gives the viewer a chance of real involvement and a new emotional experience.

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