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The new gallery called "Movement"

We are happy to inform the guests of the website and the respected admirers of Eduard Anikonov's art that we have opened a new gallery in the "Works" section of the website called "Movement". This section combines artworks from different galleries and is a unique attempt by the artist to explore a human in the dynamic movements using a brush in hand. But the interest lays in the emotional aspect of the nature of the movements rather than in the mechanical one.

The sound of snow crunching under the weight of a man, the sound of ice skates striking the first ice sharply, warm breeze, and an undesirable feeling of freedom and happiness from a simple fact of being able to move through the space by a simple push on a pedal. Thud hitting volleyball on a beach melting in the summer heat, dazzling and uncompromising sun, and hot sand that seems to get everywhere, and as a trophy — the feeling of cooling and caressing water on the burnt skin. Feelings and sensation are fragmented and suppressed like frames of film. The world unfolds in pictures with a story everywhere. Eduard Anikonov shows us how the world is diverse and interesting; and how he captures it in vivid artistic images.

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