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Carnivora - The Book

Leslie Barany's CARNIVORA

The Dark Art of Automobiles

The Book: Carnivora is a shadowy place where the dark communion of flesh and machine coalesce into the 20th Century's most influential creation the automobile. As an indispensable extension of ourselves, this metallic doppelganger can be as dark and destructive as the men and women who drive them. Carnivora: The Dark Art of Automobiles is a chilling joyride with some of the most noir artists from the last half of the 20th century.

Les Barany: Putting to good use his many years as an award winning advertising art director and graphic designer, in the early 90's Leslie Barany shifted his full attention to working as the representative of a unique group contemporary fine artists and photographers. The cutting-edge art and photo exhibitions he curates in the U.S. and European galleries reflects his varied taste and wide range of interests and have introduced many now famous art stars. His creative collaborations have influenced and sustained the careers of a multitude of artists working in all media. In recent years Les has published several limited edition sculptures and art prints with H.R. Giger and the James Dean portfolio with photographer Roy Schatt. He has edited the English language editions of most of H.R. Giger's books and now, with Carnivora, adds 'Author' to his long list of credits and accomplishments.

Artists: John U. Abrahamson,Guy Aitchison,Eduard Anikonov, Marshall Arisman, Anthony Ausgang, Les Barany, Glenn Barr, Zdzislaw Beksinski, Mike Bellamy, Jim Blanchard, Stephen Blickenstaff, Hanno von Bran, Joshua Bronaugh, Greg Brotherton, Trevor Brown, Mark Bryan, David Burke, Colin Burns, Patrick Byers, Matt Cambell, Vincent Castiglia, Steven Cerio, Joe Coleman, Chris Conte, Coop, Bernardo Corman, Christian Correra, ChrisTopher Crowder, Robert Crumb, Ronnie Cutrone, Jason D'Aquino, Chris Dean, Cam de Leon, Mike Diana, Steve Ellis, Ron English, H.R. Giger, Goldmine Shithouse, William B. Hand, Brian Horton, D. Hwang, John John Jesse, Eric Joyner, Jacaeber Kastor, Fred Engelbert Knecht, Viktor Koen, Frank Kozik, Robert LaDuke, Dennis Larkins, Craig LaRotonda, Andre Lassen, Tanino Liberatore, Eli Livingston, Travis Louie, John "Crash" Matos, Tara McPherson, Mark Mothersbaugh, Stanley Mouse, Kazuhiko Nakamura, Niagara, Till Nowak, Camilo Pardo, Peter Pontiac, Pooch, J. K. Potter, Rick Prol, Dan Quintana, Amjad Rasmi, Rich Rethorn, J.L. Robbins, Paul Rumsey, Sibylle Ruppert, Megan Rush, Chris Savido, Hugo Schuhmacher, Shag, Winston Smith, Hajime Sorayama, Stainboy, Kevin Thayer, Tom Thewes, Jeral Tidwell, David Trulli, Tomi Ungerer, Demetrios Varkas, Brian Viveros, Nick Weber, Keith Weesner, Kenneth Williams, Robert Williams, Martin Wittfooth, Jacek Yerka, Chet Zar.

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